Nukem Comics, an innovative and emerging creative force, is a collaborative endeavor devoted to crafting captivating comic series infused with fresh, original concepts. Originating from the imaginative minds of three friends, our passion project has steadily gained momentum and now strives to deliver immersive comic experiences that can be enjoyed for hours on end.

​The Dagan brothers, George and Ron, joined forces with their longtime friend Randy Amoroso to embark on this artistic journey. United by their shared vision, the trio aims to create something truly exceptional, beginning with their inaugural masterpiece: Intergalactic Deathmatch. This riveting saga interweaves elements of gore, offbeat humor, and nostalgic references, transcending genre boundaries to forge a unique and compelling niche in the world of comics.

​Embark on a thrilling adventure with Nukem Comics as we chart a bold new course in creativity. Experience the visceral intensity of the Overlord’s Intergalactic Deathmatch arenas, where fearless gladiators clash in a brutal quest to uncover the galaxy’s ultimate warrior!

​But that’s not all—Nukem Comics has a plethora of exciting projects brewing just beneath the surface. Stay tuned for more captivating ventures that will soon emerge on our creative horizon.